Nicaragua 2015 post 1

We arrived in Managua, Nicaragua, on Tuesday, January 27. Managua is a busy, noisy city that was impacted by a terrible earthquake in 1972. The 6.2 quake did terrible damage. Following the quake there was the Sandinista led revolution which did further damage to the city. As a result there is no real city center and not much to explore.

On Thursday, January 29, we took a bus to Masaya. Our major goal here was to explore the volcano area. We also went to the folkloric dance festival which is held every Thursday night. There was one hour of dancing by a good dance troupe then the rest of the evening was loud popular music played by a good band. We left shortly after the dance troupe finished.

Friday we visited the volcano and explored the nearby charming town of Nindiri.

This is Deni speaking. We are having a heck of a time posting stuff on the blog using our tablet instead of a laptop. So we’re sorry if things get wonky (like a comment that went in the wrong place and refuses to go away.) Bear with us.

Tomorrow we travel the short way to Laguna de Apoyo where we will eat, drink, and play in the water. This water will be the first we will encounter that is clean enough to swim in.

More later
Bob and Deni


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